Pro Overhaul

Pro Overhaul

The pro overhaul is a complete bike service to bring your bike back to new condition. Full cable replacement, bearing service, full drivetrain clean (off the bike) and frame polish to top it all off. Your bike will work like new!

  • Pro Overhaul details

    The Pro Overhaul includes complete bike bike clean and polish, drivetrain cleaning (off the bike) and full inspection and adjustment, brake inspection and adjustment, headset and bottom bracket lube and adjustment and bearing replacement if required, wheel bearing lube and adjustment, wheel truing, tire inspection, cable and housing replacement, bar tape replacement, hydraulic brake bleed, and fastner torque inspection. We finish with a test ride to ensure everything is operating like new.

  • Booking info

    Contact us to drop off your bike or schedule a pick up for service

  • *cost of parts not included